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Face Painting

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Rainbow Faces Ltd provides a very high standard of face painting skills. We have our very own specialised face painters who have been trained and mentored by Rosemary Watson, the Director of Rainbow Faces Ltd

Rainbow Faces Ltd staff are located throughout Shropshire and the UK. In addition to our own core team of employees we also hold a database of over 900 of professional face painters in UK and Ireland and we source new contacts all the time to expand for even larger contracts. All are professional face painters that have been vetted by our managers. Our database team are expanding year by year and we ensure all our face painters are professional and at a very good artistic level.

Face painting has become very popular over the past few years and we provide an infinite number of designs from the most simple and effective butterfly to the most complex subjects and also some amazing cheek art which is becoming really popular as well as bespoke designs. Traditional faces takes about 5 minutes to complete, a little longer for more bespoke designs and a little less for simple designs.

Rainbow Faces Ltd will certainly brighten up your event with our amazing colourful faces. Not only do we arrange a professional team of face painters; our face painters have provided our services for face painting demonstrations, adverts for magazines and TV advertisements. Our team will dress to any theme (additional costs maybe incurred).     

Our quality control. All our face painters pass our quality control. We only use face painters who adhere to our company heath & safety policies, and all paints used are FDA compliant and holds the CE trade mark. We provide quality disclaimers that are on show with all our face painters to inform customers how to remove the face paint and advise on health & safety, a copy of our disclaimer can be e-mailed on request. Presentation is a must for any Rainbow Faces Ltd event.

Specialist/themed painting - Blood and Gore

Excellent for children's hands-on" workshops or as a Halloween add on to face painting, our special effects team will create open wounds, scars, bullet holes, burns and much more


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